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Margit Mald is an Estonian studio potter. Her workshop “Haeska Pottery” is situated in Haeska village by Matsalu Bay in Estonia.

Her conscious action in ceramic field started in 2004, when she studied for five months in Thorstedlund Art School in Denmark. That was a turning point in her life. Since that she has studied ceramics for a year in Estonian Academy of Art, in Tallinn. Then she applied to the Glass and Ceramic School on Bornholm, in Denmark, which she graduated June 2008.

During the years Margit`s work has been different, and reflects process of finding her own path and herself in ceramics.

Margit produces mainly functional pots for everyday use. Her principle is to create simple tableware, which begins to live with food and create positive emotions.

She also makes decorative and individual ceramics, which gives an opportunity to experiment with materials, form and techniques.

Metsa talu, Haeska, 90407, Ridala vald, Läänemaa | Telefon: +372 53 854 112 | E-mail: margit@haeskapottery.ee