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Small tiles "Nature of Läänemaa" Porcelain. 12,5 x 12,5cm
Läänemaa is a seaside county. Green and protected, where around a quarter of its total area is a National Park. Matsalu is a symbol of Läänemaa. Thousands of birds are resting on migration and nesting here. Besides birds, its rich flora and reed makes it a special county. On its wide wooded meadows and seagrass can be easily seen a couple of wild animals or more, which is a sign of wild nature. Fish in the sea is food both for birds and local people. People in Läänemaa live in the same rhythm as nature. Nature is known, adored and hold by people. Here is relaxing, safe and good to be. Compositions of simple repeated elements create an alive picture of Läänemaa flora and fauna. It is a harmonious coexistence of nature.
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